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How to be Beautifully You

People strive to be beautiful. With the trend of the world that dictates like you have to be skinny, you must have a pointed nose or you must have a sexy back in order to be beautiful, people are now too focused on external beauty.

But beauty is more than just what you can see on the outside. Sure it pays to be beautiful and nothing is wrong to be beautiful. But how do actually be beautifully you?

Here’s how:

Take care of your hygiene

No matter how expensive your clothing is but you do not take care of your body the way you should, you will be nothing but become a smelly person. Clean up yourself. Brush your teeth, shave, take a shower and do some simple routine to make your skin clear. A clean person is always beautiful even if you just wear simple clothes.


Exercise is not just for your physique but also for your mental health as well. If you exercise regularly, you actually make your body and brain happy as well. This is because exercise allows your body to release more energy and happy hormones that can help you throughout the day as well as helps you get a good sleep. Learn new skills Being beautiful is helping yourself explore what the world is offering out there. Try new things that can make you happy. Make a new hobby that will develop you not only for yourself but also to inspire others to do better as well. Share your story Not everyone is everyone is entitled to hear your story. In fact, you can simply keep your story to yourself. However, what if your story can help other people? Wouldn’t it be nice to share it to the world? Do not be ashamed of what you went through, what matters most is that people can learn from you and you will surely feel good about it.

Live with a purpose

You are not a lone ranger. You are in this world.for a purpose. So, know your purpose. Your purpose might be to help others, become someone who can shake the world and be a voice that everybody can look up to. You never know what you are capable of, so discover what your purpose is.

Be kind

Nothing beats kindness. In fact, when you are genuinely kind to people even if they are not, it gives you a certain peace of mind that everything will okay. Kindness goes a long way and for sure the world will be kind to you in one way or the other.

Being beautiful is not just about how you look. Most importantly, it is also from what is inside you. If you have a good heart, that will resonate and will show on the outside. Surely, you can be beautifully you.

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