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How to Have Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects the human body from everything. This is the reason why it should always be taken care of. Beautiful.and healthy skin does not mean that it should be fair and white and no stretch marks, among many other things. It is simply not having anything harmful and should always be supple. So what do you do to have a beautiful and healthy skin?


The best thing to do to keep yourself hydrated is to drink a lot of water. If you can drink more than eight glasses of water a day, the better. The water does not only keep you hydrated but also helps out flush impurities from your body. These impurities will actually show on your skin such as dryness and scaliness. Another benefit of drinking a lot of water is for you to avoid having dandruff because of dehydration.


Especially on extreme weather conditions such as winter and summer, make sure to moisturize a lot. This helps in keeping your skin hydrated, externally. You can put on moisturizers and lotions. Make sure to get something that is suitable to your skin such as hypoallergenic products. You can also opt using natural and plant-based moisturizers.


Take a bath everyday to remove dead skin cells and skin impurities. Use mild shower creams or soaps to do this. When exfoliating, you can use scrubs. Do it at twice a week at most so that you can still retain the natural oil your skin produces. If you are skeptic in using commercial products, you can make your own exfoliating products off from your kitchen. You can mix oatmeal with milk, create a paste and you can use that as a mask. After it dries on your face, wash it off by gently scrubbing your face. Another homemade body scrub would be sugar and oil. Mix them and gently scrub them to your skin and then rinse. If you love brewed coffee, you will surely get coffee bean granules from the filter. Use that coffee granules by mixing it with olive oil and scrub it on your body.

Eat healthy

If you eat healthy food, it will surely reflect on your skin. If you have a healthy diet, your skin will show it. So avoid eating junk foods and anything that can make your skin look dull.

Minimal makeup

If you need to put on makeup, try using it minimally. You would want your skin to breath, so applying the thinly would best. Make sure to clean your face before sleeping with a mild soap, toner and a bit of moisturizer. Never sleep with makeup on. If you don’t need to put on makeup, try to avoid it because there is nothing more beautiful than a radiant skin.


Sweat it out. You will remove impurities and toxins from your skin through sweating. So make sure to exercise regularly.


Sun is the most damaging of all. So before you head anywhere, always use sunblock. Do these simple things and you’ll surely have beautiful and healthy skin.

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