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How to Look Fabulous without spending too much?

We all desire to look fabulous. We want to be desired by other people too; that’s the reason why we make ourselves pleasing to others. However, looking fabulous can be expensive for most people. People do a lot of beauty regimens to look fabulous or spend on expensive things to add glamour on how they look. So how do you look fabulous without spending much?

Proper skin care

Having a fabulous skin says so much on how you look. Think about this, no matter what your skin tone is but you do not have blemishes, you will always still look good. Maintain a healthy skin regimen such as washing your face especially at night before you retire to bed and wipe off the makeup from your skin. It would also be wise to put on some moisturizer to keep your skin supple. Another thing that will make you have great skin is proper hydration. Drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Not only will it give you better skin, but it will also keep you healthy.

Proper exercise

Keeping a physically fit and toned body makes a lot of difference in looking fabulous. Of course, this does not mean that being fat is ugly, but it is more of having a good health that matters most. Hence, you need to have a regular and proper exercise to ensure that you will have a healthy body.

Less is more

Looking fabulous does not mean that you have to embellish yourself with so many accessories. The rule of thumb is to have less so that you’ll more elegant and fabulous. By looking fabulous, you do not need to buy very expensive bags, shoes or clothing. You just need to make sure that you are presentable. For example, when you wear makeup, if you are having smoky eyes, avoid using dark and flashy lipstick. Instead, you can wear nude lipstick just as so there is balance. On the other hand, if you wear a red lipstick, having a light cheek tint would suffice.

Make your own accessories

If you can’t help in accessorizing yourself, making your own accessories would mean spending less. Try to make your own jewelry by getting ideas online. There are DIY videos that will show you how to make accessories. Recycling your old accessories is also good. For example, you have a pearl necklace and you want to have pearl dangling earrings and bracelet; instead of buying one, you can make these jewelries out your old necklace. If you want to have that necklace again, then you can make it a necklace again.

You don’t need to break a bank just to look fabulous. Follow these tips and you’ll surely look fabulous all the time.

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