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How to Lose Weight Effectively

I can't believe it! I lost over 30 lbs since July 8, 2018. I must tell you, losing weight is very difficult. You’d have to put a lot of work in it so that you can lose all the unwanted weight, permanently or at least for a longer period of time. Losing weight is more difficult for women than men; this is basically biological. Studies have shown that it is easier for men to lose weight than women because of certain hormones. To those women who tend to lose weight easily; well, they are just the lucky few who never have to worry about how they look. But how do you lose weight effectively? Here are some things that you need to consider.

Exercise daily

In order to lose weight, you should have at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. You can do brisk walking or running. It is also important to lift weights at least twice a week to tone your muscles. If in case you have medical conditions, you need to consult your doctor for advice on the exercises that you can do.

Eat less

No matter how much you exercise but you do not eat less or have a balanced diet, your efforts will just be useless. Apparently, nutrition has a bigger effect on your weight rather than the physical activities that you have. For instance, you exercise for two hours a day yet you eat unhealthy and sweet foods; for sure, your two hours of exercise will actually have no effect in your weight loss. The most effective way to do it is to count your calorie intake; for men, 2500kcal and 2000kcal for women. You can decrease 500kcal, at least, to lose the unwanted weight a bit faster. While you desire to count your calorie intake effectively, consult to a dietician before engaging to different diet plans you see in the internet. Remember, not very diet plan will suit your needs.

No snacking

Avoid eating snacks as it can cause you to gain weight especially if you are following a diet plan. If you are eating a balanced diet which you are not used to, it is typical that you will crave a lot. With this, it would be best to drink a lot of water or just plain black coffee to suppress your hunger. Do not even try to binge eating or have a “cheat day” because you will end up gaining all the weight you have lost.

Avoid alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks may not really make you fact but when you drink, you will end up eating something. Take for instance if you are drinking beer, you will be tempted to eat pizza because they go well together. If you must drink because of socialization, drink and eat moderately.

Learn to say no to cravings If you are tempted to eat something or someone invites you so, always try to say no politely. Again, if you can’t help it, eat less always

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