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The Importance of Self

Contentment It is normal for people to seek and achieve more; that is human nature. Perhaps, one is never contented of what he has; hence, he wants more. But why do people want more? What causes the desire to have more?

The best answer would be “competition.” Sad but true, but we compete with other people most of the time to prove our worth. Say for example in fashion; we focus too much on how we look because we see other people who look better than us. Given this, we tend to compete with them just as so we are never left behind especially on the current trends. Perhaps, this is attributed also on what is featured by media. They dictate to people of what is beautiful and how people should look like.

In owning gadgets, because we want to impress others that we have the latest gadgets. We upgrade every time there’s something new out in the market. Considering that the releasing of new technology in the market is never-ending; surely, there is no end for you to get what you want.

Getting something you desire or desiring more is never bad at all. It is your choice anyway. If you have the means, then that is never a problem. It becomes a problem when you desire and spend more than you can afford. This is a bad thing if it does not only affect your finances but can also strains your relationship and even your self-worth.

Being contented of what you have or what you are would only mean that you are secured about your worth and how you see yourself. This means, that you never have to compare yourself to others; on who they are or what they have. Although, this does not mean that you have just to settle on mediocrity; but it is more on getting what you want at your own pace and without hurting other people in the process.

Say for example in your career, you work hard because you want a promotion; that is never a bad thing. However, it becomes bad if you step on other people just to get the promotion that you want. Again, it is about climbing up to the ladder by doing the right things.

Having self-contentment would also mean that you accept your strengths and weaknesses. With weaknesses, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle on that and not work on it. Of course, you’d want to improve and become a better person. You’d want to prove that you want to become better and learn new things. You need to remember, you never have to be contented of not learning anything.

Ultimately, self-contentment is about being happy about yourself and what you have.

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