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The Time to Let Go and Love Yourself More

The Time to Let Go and Love Yourself More Letting go is easier said than done. This is perhaps the biggest struggle of any person who has loved and got hurt. For many people, they say that “to forget one, is to have one.” It may work for others but generally speaking, does it really work? When you love someone, you tend to give a big part of yourself to another person. In fact, you give your all that sometimes you tend to forget to love yourself anymore. This is somehow difficult especially if the relationship has gone bad or has become abusive. You’ll get lost to a point that you stop loving and caring for yourself.

So when is it time to let go?

It is time to let go when you have to sacrifice your happiness over the other person. Remember, love should not hurt and should not be abusive. If you are choosing the other person’s happiness over yours, then it is time to let go. Happiness should be felt by both of you. If you feel like you are neglected or even unnoticed, then that is not love. Remember, it is not your duty or your obligation to make other people happy while the other treats you differently.

If you feel that you are no longer love, let go. It is true that it will hurt, but that temporary hurt is worth it because at the end of the day, you are worth loving and you deserve to be loved.

Another reason for you to let go is when you are expected to be someone you are not. Your partner must love you for who you are. He must not dictate that you should be like this and that. A good partner is someone who should inspire you to be better and not expect you to be someone you are not just because it pleases him. If you give in to this, it would be a never-ending cycle and you will end up hating your partner and of course, yourself. A partner should complement you and not control you.

It is time to let go and love yourself when the fear is bigger than your love. Love has no fear. You love simply because you love and nothing else. When you fear, then that is not love. Letting go is difficult but you should not fear of losing someone that does not deserve you. You deserved to be loved wholly. The best way for you to be loved is to love yourself first. By loving yourself, you know what kind of love that you want.

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