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Why Expecting The Best From Yourself Is Important

A lot of us are easily disappointed because of the expectations we set for ourselves. We expect that we are not worthy. Sometimes, we expect to always get what we want or we expect that everything we do is achieved. But we know better, that is not always the case. The greatest disappointments in life are the things that we but effort in and not really see much return. We thought we deserve it overnight success, but unfortunately the 'how we succeed is not given to us when we are still in transformation of being. What was my mindset at that time? I say, your win is around the corner. Just keep working harder and keep dreaming big! 

So if you are the type who expects too little or too much, here are some reasons why expecting the best from you is important.

Be Thankful How Far You Have Come

It is good to have an expectant heart, but most of the time, we expect things at the wrong timing.  Like my mom used to say, God is always on time. Never too late or too much that we give up on our dreams. So when your vision turn into reality,  you become so thankful of what comes into your life, you will end up appreciating it even more. So , if you expect the best from yourself, you will work harder and know that your blessings are coming.

You will also be more grateful and see the brighter side of why things did not go your way. Think in these terms.  Sometimes, by not getting what you want right away means something is bigger and better out there is coming. You just have to wait for your time. Surely, when that time comes, you will be so thankful.

Be There For Others As They Grow

Personally, I love to see others win. It gives me hope of the possibilities that are coming my way. I can't wait!  . But I have learned to celebrate and give of time, energy, and effort so that others can truly live out passionately.  It feels as if I have won. What a feeling.. Whether its you or someone else, you get to enjoy happiness more often. Seeing someone being passionate about their purpose and serving in their gifts or  capacity and giving their 100 percent encourage me even more.that doing good is the only way to live.

Be Kind With Yourself

Life is good but there will always be surprises. If you expect perfection from yourself or others, you will see yourself more disappointed with life than needed. . Embrace the lessons and appreciate the growth and wisdom that come from them.  You will be more optimistic when things are good. For example, I used to expect perfection in everything that I do until my husband reminded me that excellence is enough. To my surprise, I received that suggestion from him and it has made a huge difference for me in how I forgive my mistakes.  Its not tat I expect less from myself, it's just I got my surprised of how open I am to be more creative, more imaginative and bolder with my future and how I serve others.  I’ve learned to appreciate the efforts I have place my life.

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