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Why “No” Can Be a Good Thing

In life, we face rejections. These rejections can make or break us. Most often, when we get rejected, we wallow in the pain it caused. This can be in our relationships and our careers. However, it is a good to know that “no” is not always a bad thing. Most often, the “no” we receive is a good thing. It is an answer to a bigger yes that we don’t know yet.

So why is “no” a good thing? While we wallow in the pain of rejection, what we do not know that something is good that will come of it. Yes, the “no” is an answer to a bigger yes. When? We do not know but it is surely is.

For example, when you break up with someone; you cry bucket of tears and question God about it. You hate the world for it because why such thing happened to you. Over a span of time, you move on and you meet the love of your life. In this case, the “no” you got was a blessing after all because if not, then you would not have met the love of your life. Does that make sense to you now?

The same thing goes when you say no. A lot of people are often shy or hesitant to say no when people ask them favors because they feel that the other party will feel bad. Well, that’s just life and it is okay for you to say no. Take for example a family member always ask you for money and he doesn’t even work. How long are you going to provide for him especially when he’s got a family to feed? Just as the saying goes, you don’t give the person a fish; you teach him how to fish. When you say no and help him instead in finding a job, he will now be self-sufficient. For sure, he doesn’t want his family to go hungry. He is an adult and he must be liable for all his actions. So he doesn’t need to rely on you for everything.

This also goes with peer pressure. If you say to a friend who offers you drugs, then walk away. You do not need friends like that. Always think about what good it will give to you; certainly, nothing at all. So, saying “no” or even being rejected with a “no” has some positive effects. Again, you don’t know it yet the reasons why these painful things have to happen to you but surely, you will know in the future.

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