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Why You Are More Beautiful Than You Think You Are

When people hear the word beautiful, they automatically imagine what they see on TV; those beautiful, statuesque women, who are size-0 and are skinny. Unfortunately, this has been how beauty is defined. Beauty has been one of the most profitable businesses since time immemorial. In fact, wherever you go, beauty products have been sold and plastic surgeries are known. While it is true that “to each his own,” one can tell that physical beauty is not everything.

Many people will still agree that beauty is skin deep. The attitude and the character of a person are more important than what the eyes see. Yes, it is true. Besides, beauty is subjective, what is beautiful for you may not be beautiful to others. But that doesn’t matter because the person that needs to recognize your beauty is you.

Here are some reasons why you are beautiful than you think you are.

Your smile and laugh.

Your smile means the world to someone else. Even if you have crooked teeth or have no teeth at all, you are still beautiful. They say that the smile a universal language that everybody speaks. Smile every day and laugh as hard as you can because that makes a whole lot of difference especially to the people you encounter.

You are imperfectly perfect

Know that there is someone will always accept you just the way you are. Think about this, there are those who may look odd because they are born with it or maybe they were in an accident. But even if they look like that, there is someone who accepts that. This is because beauty is more than just looks. So even if you are imperfect, that will not matter to that person who loves you. 

You are intelligent

A lot of people are attracted to intelligent people. So if you are intelligent at something, enhance it more because it surely makes your beautiful.


If you are bold and courageous, you are beautiful. Life has always been harsh; that’s the sad reality of life. But then again, are you just going to catch those lemons and not do something with it? You need to be courageous and face your fears; make lemonade.

Be happy

People who are happy always resonates a positive vibe and that is beautiful. You simply have to live the kind of life that will influence people to do good as well. Be that sunshine that will make people feel that they are beautiful too. Remember, you are beautiful. No matter what people will say, just be the kind of beautiful inside and out.

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