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Why You Have to Love Yourself First I

Why You Have to Love Yourself First It is good to love others. In fact, we are all encouraged to love others in a way that we do not count the cost or we do not expect anything in return. However, as much as we want to love others the way we think they deserve to be loved, we can never give what we do not have. Hence, loving others entails loving ourselves first. This way, we can give more and the people we love will pay that love forward to others too. This is not just about romantic love.

This is the kind of love that encompasses all. So why do you actually have to love yourself first? Here are the things why.

A lot of people do not love themselves. They find a lot of wrong things about themselves. For example, they hate that they are dark-skinned, short or even fat. So, they emulate other people just to feel good. The problem is one of the things that matter most in loving oneself is self-appreciation. If you appreciate yourself, your self-confidence will be high too; thus, you no longer care what other people look and think of you. Accepting yourself the way you are reflect on others too. Remember, people will see the real you in the way you take care of yourself.

Self-worth is important too. Remember, you do not need other people’s validation. If they love you as you are, then that is more than enough. While it is good to improve yourself for other people, it is important to remember that more than anything else, you improve yourself for your benefit and not for others. This way, you will appreciate the things that you do not because you want to be accepted by others but because you simply want to be better. For example, you want to lose weight and be fit. Think about it for your health and wanting to look good but never do it because someone tells you to do so. The tendency is, say for instance in a romantic relationship, when you break up, you will end up not having the motivation to be fit and you will get fat again.

Loving entails patience, kindness and dedication. With this, you have to patient, kind and dedicated to yourself too. If you make mistakes, forgive yourself. You have to spend time with yourself to improve and become a better person. This way, you can resonate to other people the kind of love you want to have too. While you should not expect anything in return, the kind of love you deserve is set by you. Meaning, you should know that you should be treated with respect and loved just the way you are.

If you love yourself first, you can genuinely love others. This means that you can love others without expecting anything in return. You can simply give love because you have so much love to give. Only then you can put others first than yourself and that is something that not all people can do.

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