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Why You Need to Know your Worth?

It is true that we can’t everything that we want. No matter how much we chase things and people, sometimes they are not meant for us. For example, in love; you cannot force someone to love you just because you love that person. No matter how much love you can give, you simply cannot force someone to accept it. If you are at the crossroads of giving up and holding on, here are some things you need to know on why you need to know your worth.

No one else will

If you do not know your worth, expect that no one else will. First of all, before you can give love to others, you must love yourself first. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have. You must have a relationship with yourself first. Know your worth by knowing what you really want. How do you want to be treated? How do you want to be loved? It all boils down to ultimately being a person for yourself. If you know your worth, everything else will follow.

You can be happy

Your happiness should not depend on others; it should come from within you. If you rely on others for your happiness, you will never be truly happy since that kind of happiness is only temporary. For instance, what if that person is no longer with you? It means that he has taken your happiness with him and you will end up crying. On the other hand, if you will learn how to be happy on your own, sharing it with others would be truly great and nobody can take that happiness away from you.

Being happy also means being contented of who and what you are. Never pretend to be someone that you are not to please others. Again, your happiness does not rely on others; learn to appreciate yourself more so you will know how to be happy despite the difficult circumstances.

You can truly love others

It is human nature that you want to be loved. Who doesn’t right? But knowing that you are loved, you tend to love more because it is a great thing for your love to be reciprocated. Generally in women, they tend to give more and accept pain like a champion. However, it comes to a point that she gets tired of trying because nothing makes sense anymore. If you think that you gave your all and you feel that you are just like an option, it is time to let go. It will surely hurt big time; but time heals. Again, you are worth everything and you should not settle for something less. By knowing your worth you can truly love and be loved in return.

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