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Why You Need to Love Difficult People

Love is a wonderful thing. Everyone wants to love and be loved in return. Sad to say though that while it is great to love and be loved, it isn’t always easy considering that there are many factors that may affect any relationship. Nevertheless, love is a great thing and it is also greater to love difficult people. It is easy to love lovable people because they are the nicest, kindest and easy to get along with. Perhaps, this is why people who have these characteristics are more attractive especially to the opposite sex. You can relate to them easily, you feel comfortable and safe with them. On the other hand, when it comes to loving difficult people, there is sort of a thrill or chase in doing so; for instance, loving a man who is physically abusive. If you know someone who does this, you may think why does she stay in this kind of relationship? You will automatically think that she is crazy for continually loving such person. But have you ever thought why he does this? Or why she does this? There are many underlying causes why this man has turned out to be like such a person. It can be that he grew up in a violent household and he was always beaten or perhaps, got to see his mom beaten when he was young. Sad to say but it has something to do with psychology. He perceives that what he is doing is right and that physical violence is a way of showing love. As a person who is distraught by such act, your tendency would be to hate this person; but that should not be the case. Loving that person may be difficult, but it would be best to help that person overcome this. If you know someone who has this violet pattern, it may be best to relate to that person and make him feel loved and not judge him. He needs to be helped and processed by a professional. Of course, it does not mean that by showing love he’ll be a changed person right away but when he knows that people genuinely love and wants him to be better him, it will come a time that he will change. To the recipient of the violence, it is sad that she accepts the violence. More often than not, she is just expecting to be loved in return. Perhaps, she never felt loved growing up or she was beaten when she was young too. While she loves to love a difficult person, she forgot the one most important thing, to love her first. You will hate her for this for sure; for being so stupid to allow anyone to be violent with her. The best way to help her is to love her and take her away from the violent relationship. People who are difficult to love often have carried a lot of baggage for a long time. It is difficult for them to open up and trust other people because they think that nobody can accept them. These people are difficult to love because they too, are having a hard time accepting and loving themselves. Difficult people always project a hard and strong façade, but in reality, they are soft in the inside. They have a lot of love to give, but they just do not know how to show it. So if you have a lot of love to give, love the difficult people around you.

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