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Why You Should Join A Mentoring Program

Mentoring has always been an essential part of every's personal and professional life. It is a great factor in determining the success of a your or your company, while making sure that everything is in order and employees are taken care of. If you want to venture into mentoring, you should know that it can bring you so many benefits. 

Below are numerous reasons why joining our mentoring program in may be one of the smartest things you can do, but here are seven good ones:

1. Learn to be around and attract heart-filled and like-minded people.

Some researchers have shown that participating in a mentoring program can make the difference of the decision to accept your life as it is or being in a job and remaining within the same position within an organization.

2. Modelling teaches more.

Many of the core skills, attitudes, actions and ethics of leadership are best understood by modeling by a trusted mentor rather than in a formal classroom. A Mentor allows you to grow as you have the opportunity to see individuals model good leadership and offer practical guidance for present situations and your future.

3. Mentoring encourages virtue.

Mentoring is remarkable for its capacity to encourage excellence both in how you make choices and decision. While it might be expected that you gain insight and wisdom through working with a good mentor, your experience indicates that you will also gain from the interaction with the group/community. Mentors frequently explain that their role prompted them to review and reconsider their assumptions and clarify their thoughts as they explain things those within the community.

4. A well set-up mentoring program permits you to recognize your challenges and feel rewarded as you grow.

By making a proper selection process for both mentors and mentees and providing the right framework to support this process you can ensure that presence in our program is sought by your best people, rather than perceived as a chore or a burden. Don't take chances with this part of your program set-up as it is one of the critical conditions for its success.

5. Build confidence and self-esteem through personal growth.

Mentoring fosters not only professional growth but also personal growth, and can form confidence in handling new situations, improve understanding of different approaches to a situation and enhance self-esteem for both mentors and mentees.

6. Improve cross-functional or interdepartmental communication at home and at work.

Mentoring relationships are normally set up between people with aligned values. By establishing mentoring relationships with like-minded people from different areas of the community, greater understanding and improved cross-functional communication readily follow. Some programs have found this benefit to be one of the most unexpected yet valuable impacts of the whole mentoring program.

7. Foster a culture of contribution with the community for your growth.

Fundamentally the process of being in a mentorship group always represents a feel of support by a trusted and experienced mentor. As such, mentoring amplifies in its impact by embedding values such as respect, generosity and contribution in the community. This is arguably the absolute and most powerful impact any intervention might have.

With all these, joining a mentoring program will perhaps be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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